As a proud alumnus of UBC Computer Science and obtaining my Masters of Digital Media at Centre for Digital Media, I am honoured to have the opportunity to bring Design Thinking to UBC Rec.


Why is my skillset perfect to serve as the Web Developer at UBC Athletics and Recreation?

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Front End and iOS Delivery

As part of a remote team of developers and designers working on a Shader and Camera manipulation app, I was closely responsible for delivering multiple release cycles over the course of my internship. 


Through our hard work, we were one of the initial partners on Facebook's AR Kit platform.


At the same time, I was a remote contractor working part time with an Artist to deliver the technology solution to implement a interactive "choose your own adventure" comic book application. I delivered 3 modules on different health topics to educate children in a fun and engaging way on the importance of Sleep, Nutrition, and Mental Health. 



Backend Architect 

A secure foundation is fundamental to any product and the design and infrastructure is the skeleton and blood to your product.


At my current position, I am responsible for creating solutions from the API Level down, that is, I design and create the API endpoints; manage the database schema and records; and also conduct the DevOps and routing for the application.


Previously, I've also created solutions for API endpoints to a iOS app, giving me a breadth of experience in different scenarios and use cases.



DevOps and Microservices

I’ve managed installations ranging from Platform as a Service application such as Heroku, to a NGINX instance on a vanilla Ubuntu box, all the way up to a full ecosystem such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).


I’m comfortable working with Docker images and working in and creating a containerized environment for the deployment 




Multidisciplinary Team Lead, Mentor in Design Thinking

I've supported several teams as a Team Lead to coordinate a multidisciplinary team of artists, developers, and designers to deliver two museum exhibits – one travelling across Canada, and the other as a centre piece at the Vancouver Maritime Museum.


In my spare time, I also mentor children aged 13-17 weekly in the design process thinking and introduction to programming. We challenge the kids to dream and imagine what could change in their community, and enable them to do so over 16 weeks.


In the first season, I led a 90 minute "scrum thinking" workshop with the use of Legos. The children were assigned into their respective "roles" of Developer, Designer, Project Manager, and Client. Each of them had unique "abilities" such as the Developer can build but they do not specify how it looks – the Designer specifies that, but in turn they cannot build.


This allowed the kids to apply design thinking in a fun and hands on way. We just finished our first inaugural season and gearing up to a three-fold expansion to our program.


We are so very excited about it.



Beyond Hard Skills

A job is more than just something you do for eight hours a day. Being able to actively contribute back to the UBC community through technology allows the student experience to be that much better. As a alumnus who has worked at UBC before, I have the exact skillset and experience at being the point person and coordinator for A&R's digital communications projects.


I'm excited to see where my journey at UBC Rec can lead and I hope you feel the same way too.

platform by Emily van den Heever
operations by Creative Mahira
Frontend dev by Danil Polshin
team by Gabriel Vogel