Having worked in technical user facing roles, and development positions, I believe I am the ideal candidate as a Support Analyst for UBC IT


Hardware and Software Technical Support

I've worked directly with students on the front line supporting their technology leads during my time at the Chapman Learning Commons at UBC. Working with UBC Library IT and UBC IT, we would not only support the technology that students would bring, but also the infrastructure and technology deployed at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.


Full Stack Development Expertise 

Beyond front line support, my background of Computer Science and combined with my Masters of Digital Media has given me a breadth and multitude of experience in every layer of the technology stack.


At my current position, I am responsible for creating solutions from the API Level down, that is, I design and create the API endpoints; manage the database schema and records; and also conduct the DevOps and routing for the application.


I've also worked on iOS Applications and Front End applications.



noun_Frontend dev_672504.png

Mentorship and Training Material Development

During my co-op at the UBC's Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT), I was given a lot of independence to complete the objectives of developing resources for the incoming Connect system. As long as we met the objective to convey the material, we could use any format to our disposal. I created resources using text, screen capture, and even stop motion.


In my spare time, I also mentor UBC CS students as part of the tri-mentoring program; and I am involved with mentoring children aged 13-17 weekly in the design process thinking and introduction to programming. We challenge the kids to dream and imagine what could change in their community, and enable them to do so over 16 weeks.


In the first season, I led a 90 minute "scrum thinking" workshop with the use of Legos. The children were assigned into their respective "roles" of Developer, Designer, Project Manager, and Client. Each of them had unique "abilities" such as the Developer can build but they do not specify how it looks – the Designer specifies that, but in turn they cannot build



Beyond Hard Skills

A job is more than just something you do for eight hours a day. In some ways, it is a relationship between (many) parties, and at the core of it, I believe I would be a great fit as a Support Analyst given my technical knowledge, front line support experience and my cultural fit as an alumnus of UBC


I'm excited to see where my journey at UBC can lead and I hope you feel the same way too.

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