Adventures of Patoo

Online Interactive Comic Book – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Backend 

I was contracted to assist a project that hoped to improve the health literacy of children across many school districts in British Columbia, Canada.


There were three phases in this project, with each building on top of each other and exploring a different topic in health. The first was Sleep Hygiene – teaching kids how to get better sleep

The second was Mental Health – educating kids how to talk to an adults and find resources if they are feeling sad or upset


Lastly, the most recent phase was teaching children how to eat properly and choose a balanced meal across a variety of food groups.


Each phase was piloted and tested to a variety of demographics and social groups to ensure that our message was accepted and applicable to as many people as possible.

The app was created as a Ember.JS app with the broadest requirements possible to ensure compatibility with those who may not have the resources to get the latest technology. We decided to host the application on Heroku for ease of maintenance as there would not be staff to maintain a server after the project is completed