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Mentor – Training the next generation in Design Thinking



As part of a team of industry professionals, we teach students aged 13-17 on the process of Design Thinking. Students in teams take on various roles (such as Designer, Developer, Quality Assurance, Project Manager, Marketing Manager, Videographer and Social Media Manager) and perform their respective duties. 

We deliberately expose students to ideation, empathy, wireframe prototypes, user experience and usability testing. More importantly, we shun the notion that App Development is just for geeks. Whether the student's strengths are in coding, or art, or marketing, or finance..., they can still play an important role. 



Lego Scrum

I had the opportunity to lead a 90 minute hands on workshop that condenses design thinking through the use of Legos. The students were assigned into their respective "roles" of Developer, Designer, Project Manager, and Client. Each of them had unique "abilities" such as the Developer can build but they do not specify how it looks – the Designer specifies that, but in turn they cannot build.


This allowed the kids to apply design thinking in a fun and hands on way – directly applying the concepts of design thinking we espoused previously in a very tangible way.