Hear Here

Digital Museum Exhibit to simulate Noise Induced Hearing Loss

I was brought onto this project last minute due to logistical problems with another contractor. I had to design, test, and assemble this portion of the exhibit in 5 weeks – from the project brief to final delivery.


Hear Here is a interactive exhibit that allows the user to experiment with three sound files that are manipulated by the user to simulate Noise Induced Hearing Loss at 10, 20, 30, and 40 year increments. As the user turns the dial, the sound is manipulated in real time to simulate the appropriate amount of loss, as defined by the audiogram of a typical person experiencing this degradation in hearing. 

Diagram profiling the typical frequency dropoffs of someone experiencing noise induced hearing loss

I delivered the project on time and within budget, collaborating closely with the in-house team to bring together all the components and hardware necessary to bring this project to a success

You can see the exhibit in action in the video below (skip to 2:50 for the relevant portion)