Generate @ VIFF Hub

A couple weeks ago, we had the pleasure to support two interactive walls and visuals at the Late Night Hub during VIFF.

It was pretty cool to see a quick side project that repurposed Generate's data into something event goers can interact with in real time.

In order to make the wall interactive, I had to make sure we pulled the data in several ways– via Hashtags and Geolocations – so that users can have their content featured on the wall however they choose to post 

One feature that I felt aesthetically engaging was the typed text that rotated and swapped throughout the evening to engage and call out to users to download and interact with the wall.

One key issue that we discovered as there was more content being fetched was that Chrome ran into a memory issue on Mac – eventually leading to an out of memory error. Because all the details and code for the wall came together last minute, it was still exciting to see it set up and work in the space, and also to gain knowledge and insight for next time from a small project like this. 

Download Generate from the App Store or Google Play store today to create your own abstract art!