A gentle tap on your wrist

Off the cuff thoughts, 1 month after switching from a Pebble to a Apple Watch

  • First party support pays off. The Pebble suffers on iOS multitasking as it would sometimes the phone app would get killed off
  • Not having both your wrist "buzz" and the phone ring is nice. It's a really tiny detail, but one where it is so nice to have.
  • Speaking of the vibration, the taptic engine is very very nice compared to the harsh vibration motor used in the pebble. However, if I am wearing the strap a bit loose, I may not feel the tap.
  • The lack of an always on screen (coming from a Pebble) isn't really a problem as the Apple Watch reliably lights up, and the contrast on the Pebble is such that I usually need to hit a button to engage the backlight.
  • Battery life is not a problem as it was a habit for me to charge the Pebble nightly anyway.
  • Covering the screen with your palm "resets" the watch to the watch face when you raise your wrist the next time.
  • I set my watch to keep the App active for 8 minutes after use. So far it seems to be the right balance.
  • The DLC Coating and the Sapphire, while expensive, is really nice to have.
  • Third party app support is still rudimentary at best, and useless at worse. Sometimes the apps are almost powerful enough to avoid using the phone, and sometimes it feels like you're waiting for the data to update.
    • I find that if I am launching an app that is waiting for the data to load in, I would launch the app, drop my wrist and let the watch load, then raise it again shortly after and the data will be waiting for me
  • The ease of swapping bands is really nice