Projects and Portfolio

Full Stack Development

Snapshot of Work

  • Backend Dev-Ops Architect for CyberPatient:

    • AWS: Load Balancers, Docker, Scalability, Reliability, EC2, ECS

    • Node JS + Express

    • REST API

    • Mongo DB + Mongo Atlas

  • Adventures of Patoo: Ember JS, HTML, JavaScript

  • Generate App (iOS): Objective C

Exhibit and Interactive Play

Snapshot of Work

  • Flappy Bird Remix at Seasons Festival:

    • Remake of Flappy Bird on Processing JS running on Raspberry Pi 4 and custom arcade controls

  • Untitled Sphero project (still under NDA):

    • Image Processing and Unity

  • Crescent Exhibition:

    • Using BTLE Beacons and projection mapping to create an experience highlighting the role of technology in our lives

  • Qilak (Orion) Exhibition

    • Past feature exhibition at Vancouver Maritime Museum to tell the inuit story of orion

  • Science World Contract: Tinkering Space

    • Fun little interactive exhibit highlighting the effects of long term hearing loss


As a way to give back to the community, I work with several organizations to teach Design Thinking and Coding to the next generation of STEM students.

I championed and led multiple iterations of Lego Agile Scrum. This 90 minute workshop allowed the kids to apply design thinking in a fun and hands on way – directly applying the concepts of design thinking we espoused previously in a very tangible way.

The students were assigned into their respective "roles" of Developer, Designer, Project Manager, and Client. Each of them had unique "abilities" such as the Developer can build but they do not specify how it looks – the Designer specifies that, but in turn they cannot build.

Snapshot of Work